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Magellan Jets’ Corporate Membership Program Removes the Financial Guesswork from Your Private Aviation Budget

The new Corporate Membership Program from Magellan Jets promises to please one particular member of a company’s C-suite, even if he or she doesn’t take a single flight aboard a business jet provided through the program. “This is a CFO’s dream aviation solution,” says Anthony Tivnan, the president of Magellan Jets, a membership and on-demand charter company based just outside Boston.

Magellan Jets Rounds Up Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations

Magellan Jets is running a program this month that encourages its charter clients to contribute to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. It’s a round-up option that enables you to raise the price of your charter booking to the next thousandth dollar. For example, if you charter a flight for $10,600, you can round up the price to $11,000. The additional $400 will go to the Texas Diaper Bank.

Magellan Jets Successes Soar as It Hires Top Executive John Amato to Run Membership Programs in 2016

A near decade of successes have culminated in the addition of a new, seasoned professional, John Amato, as the company’s VP of Aviation Consulting in a leap that will take Magellan Jets to new heights. From its inception in 2008, Magellan had humble beginnings (as far as the private aviation industry is concerned). The company consisted of four employees and an innovative plan to fully customize private travel in a way that would change the skies and industry forever.

Stack the deck in your favor

Charter broker Magellan Jets recently unveiled a card providing model-specific access to four categories of business jets. The cards give buyers a choice of “perks” and “add-ons,” including waived peak surcharges, two free category upgrades, 1.5-hour (rather than two-hour) flight-time minimums, fuel-surcharge discounts, waived interchange fees and free catering or ground transportation.

Shark Star Robert Herjavec Is Long On Business Aviation

When asked why he owns a Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet plus two Magellan Jet charter cards, entrepreneur and successful investor Robert Herjavec, star of ABC TV’s Shark Tank, related the advice given to him by a friend many years ago. Paraphrasing, Herjavec said “Any problem that you have in life that can be solved with money is really not that big. The only thing in life that we have that we cannot get back is time. I always think that the aircraft is the ultimate time machine.”