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Magellan Jets Safety Standards

Commitment to safety

Magellan Jets recognizes the importance of safety and security when chartering a private aircraft. Here, safety standards are not just met, they are surpassed. Magellan Jets is not only a Wyvern Authorized Broker but also uses the Wyvern PASS system to substantiate our own due diligence. Wyvern and is the world leader in aviation safety research. This independent, third-party evaluator provides the accurate, unfiltered data which Magellan Jets demands for peace-of-mind flying for our clients. As a Wyvern Authorized Broker, Magellan Jets adheres to the Wyvern Operating Standards, which are an enhanced set of safety measurement criterion. Just as your flight crew performs their pre-flight checks in the cockpit, Magellan Jets Flight Support Team is double checking every detail to ensure the highest quality of aircraft and most experienced flight crews are used for our valued clients. Wyvern provides the unparalleled ability to pursue excellence in safety and all aspects of your mission are covered, ranging from the pilots background to the maintenance of the aircraft.

The Wyvern Advantage

Wyvern also gives us the exclusive access to the records and audits of every aircraft and flight crew we use. The in-depth research is provided by the DOT and FAA and is updated daily. Wyvern heavily relies on two specific instantly generated reports when doing due diligence on a trip. These two reports are the PASS report (Pilot Aircraft Safety Survey) and the SIR (Safety Intelligence Report). SIR reports provide us with due diligence on the operator, aircraft details, insurance, operational control etc. assigned to each trip. Once we have an assigned aircraft and crew, we can verify that your trip meets all safety requirements using the PASS system, which provides crew experience, total hours, hour-in type, incidents etc.

Collectively, the PASS report and SIR work together to inspect:

  • Operational control of the aircraft. This assures that your flight has not been brokered to another air charter operator without your knowledge
  • The aircraft operator’s safety records and current FAA Part 135 air charter certification
  • That the aircraft operator has a minimum of $50 Million in insurance
  • The pilots' experience in that aircraft
  • The pilots' certification and type ratings
  • The pilots' record of accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions
  • That the pilots' medical and training requirements are up to date

Experience you can trust

Simply put, the SIR is a research library, where Wyvern specialists review the operator’s background (incidents/accidents, insurance coverage, and operating specifications). SIR gives access to OpSpec documentation for all Part 135 operators. This is a full list of Operations Specifications documentation currently on file with the FAA for a given operator. We can view, print and download these documents (such as D085s) as needed. Additionally, The SIR system requests and processes frequent Operator Background Checks (OBCs) on our approved operators. The Operator Background section of a given operator’s SIR will list all available AID, EIS and NTSB reports. Lastly, once preferred vendors or “partners” are specified, the SIR system will notify us via email of any significant changes to the status of those operators. Fleet additions, management personnel changes and accident/incidents alerts are then sent directly to us with links to any updated OpSpec documentation.

All these factors combine to make Magellan Jets the one you can trust to make your charter flight the safest it can be. Experience Safety. Experience Magellan Jets.

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