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Jet Memberships: What Are Your Aircraft Options?

Posted by Brendan Rice on May 31, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Flying private is an experience that is much bigger than simply a way to travel.  Membership companies are finding new ways to offer customizable perks and benefits to personalize every aspect of private travel.  One of the many ways Magellan Jets is elevating the private travel experience through personalization is our jet-specific membership programs.  Ten different aircraft are available for our members to have consistent and ready access to the quality of aircraft they paid for or better.  In the first installment of our two part series this week, we will take a look at five of the aircraft options offered to Magellan Jets members.  

Jet On Tarmac in Sunset


1. Gulfstream G450 


Gulfstream G450 Flying over mountains  

This all-time premier business jet earned a loyal following for its reliability, speed and versatility.  Fully equipped with a full-size lavatory and satellite communication system, the G450 offers a spacious cabin layout whether you are flying for personal or business reasons. With impressive long-range capabilities to fly nonstop for 8 hours, any destination is a possibility.  


Gulfstream G450 Interior  


2. Gulfstream IV 


Gulfstream IV on Tarmac


Following an engine upgrade to the powerful Rolls-Royce MK 611-8, the Gulfstream IV has improved its fuel consumption, speed, and range by a longshot. Its stunnignly spacious stand-up cabin offers plenty of room to walk around so passangers will feel right at home on their long-range flights.  The large galley and full-sized lavatory, including a shower, make this aircraft one of the most comfortable in its class. Gulfstream thought so highly of the GIV they have modeled most of their latest jets off of it. 


Gulfstream IV Interior   


3. Challenger 604 / Challenger 605 

Challneger 604

Challenger 604 on Tarmac


With plenty of room for 10-12 passengers, The Challenger 604 was designed with the intercontinental traveler in mind.  The deluxe galley and lavatory compliment the extremely low noise levels in the cabins making business or relaxation possible wherever you're headed. Major upgrades, highlighted by advanced engines and increased fuel capacity, make for a smooth and convenient ride for both pilot and passenger.   


Challenger 604 Interior


Challenger 605



Bombardier’s most successful series has improved with each new model and the Challenger 605 is no exception.  Maintaining the spacious cabin for business travelers, the 605 can comfortably transport 10-12 passengers over 4,000 nautical miles.  Designed specifically with passenger requests in mind, the larger and higher positioned windows are ideal for viewing pleasure.  Coupled with improved Eithernet-based management system, larger video monitors, an upgraded galley area, and sturdier worktables, the Challenger 605 offers more of what the passenger wants. 


Challenger 605 interior


4. Challenger 300 


Challenger 300 on Tarmac


With the help of existing fans in the conceptual design process, the Challenger 300 is an aviation lover's dream. Able to provide for both business executives and the relaxed traveler, its claim to be at the “leading edge of technology, comfort and convenience” appears to be warranted. The super-mid size aircraft holds 5 over-water and transcontinental records along with nonstop, coast-to-coast capabilities. Quite an impressive resume for an aircraft in its class. 


Challenger 300 Interior


5. Gulfstream G200 


Gulfstream G200 Flying over clouds


The G200 ranks as one of the top super mid-size aircraft in its category due to its great range, size and speed.  It’s rapid turnaround ability and spacious cabin make the G200 a great jet for long-range missions for any occassion.  An airframe designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and the heavy load of the wings help the G200 fly evenly in all conditions assuring a smooth ride for all passengers on board.   


Gulfstream G200 Interior


These are just some of the aircraft you will have access to as a Magellan Jets member.  Make sure to check out the second installment on Thursday 6/2 as we detail the rest of our jet-specific memberships.  


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Magellan Jets is the leader in domestic and international private jet travel offering private and corporate travel memberships and charter flights. With a global network of thousands of pre-qualified aircraft, Magellan Jets is committed to the highest safety standards, personalized experiences and top level customer service. 





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