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Magellan Jets 101: How to Tie a Bow Tie

Posted by Alyson Wuamett on Dec 10, 2012 9:31:00 AM


Magellan Jets 

Six Steps To Mastering The Art Of A Bow Tie


Step One: Start by having the right side two inches lower than the left side. Then cross the longer side over the shorter side.

Bow Tie 101 



Step Two: Feed the long end up and under the loop created by the crossover, toward your chin, creating a single knot. Then throw it over your shoulder. Now form a half bow tie with the short side, making sure your thumb and forefinger are securely placed in the middle.


bow tie step 2


Step Three: Take the longer side that is sitting on your shoulder and drop it on top of the bow you made with the short side. 

bow tie step 3



Step Four:  Fold the bottom of the longer side.

step 4


Step Five: Grab both ends of the bow and pull forward. Take the longer folded side that's in front and pull it down and back. You should see a tiny hole- loop the end through there and pull it through. 

step 5



Step Six: Adjust as neccessary to make sure bow tie is even.

step 6



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