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Browse Empty Legs For December!

Posted by Alyson Wuamett on Dec 3, 2012 9:50:00 AM

Did you know that almost 32 percent of private aircrafts in the sky are flying empty? Empty legs are those flights returning to their point of origin upon completion of a one-way flight. These empty one-ways have the ability to further reduce your cost when the aircraft is heading in your direction.

Browse through some listed empty legs available for December. If the one-ways listed below don't match your needs, head over to our Search Available One-Ways to see more! 

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 North To South

Start End From To Type PAX
8-Dec 8-Dec KHPN, HPN KFXE, FXE Learjet 55 7
8-Dec 8-Dec KHPN, HPN KPBI, PBI Gulfstream V 16
10-Dec 12-Dec KTEB, TEB KSRQ, SRQ Hawker 400 XP N/A
13-Dec 13-Dec KOXC, OXC KFPR, FPR Pilatus PC-12 8
6-Dec 9-Dec KPIT, PIT KMIA, MIA Citation CJ2 7
7-Dec 9-Dec KPIT, PIT KMIA, MIA Citation CJ2 7
1-Dec 3-Dec KBUF, BUF KVRB, VRB Learjet 31 8
12-Dec 12-Dec HEF KPBI, PBI King Air C90 6
5-Dec 5-Dec KTEB, TEB KHOU, HOU IAI Astra SPX 7
19-Dec 19-Dec KCHO, CHO KSUA, SUA Beechjet 400 A 8
18-Dec 18-Dec KTEB, TEB KRYY Citation Excel 8
9-Dec 9-Dec KTEB, TEB KFNL, FNL Citation VII 8
14-Dec 14-Dec KTEB, TEB TXKF, BDA Hawker 800 XP 8
7-Dec 8-Dec KTEB, TEB KDPA, DPA Falcon 10 6
16-Dec 16-Dec KHOU, HOU KOPF, OPF Citation X 8
10-Dec 10-Dec KISP, ISP KGRB, GRB Legacy 600 13

 South To North

Start End From To Type PAX
6-Dec 8-Dec KFXE, FXE KTEB, TEB Hawker 850 XP 8
17-Dec 22-Dec KFXE, FXE KFRG, FRG Beechjet 400 A 7
1-Dec 1-Dec KPBI, PBI KHPN, HPN Gulfstream V 16
6-Dec 6-Dec KPBI, PBI KHPN, HPN Falcon 900 B 13
11-Dec 11-Dec KPBI, PBI KHPN, HPN Learjet 40 6
19-Dec 21-Dec KPBI, PBI KHPN, HPN Gulfstream IV-SP 14
9-Dec 11-Dec KPBI, PBI KBOS, BOS Hawker 800 8
6-Dec 10-Dec KPBI, PBI KGHG Citation V 6
5-Dec 5-Dec KMCO, MCO KISP, ISP Gulfstream IV-SP 13
17-Dec 18-Dec KPBI, PBI HEF King Air C90 6
12-Dec 12-Dec KHOU, HOU KTEB, TEB IAI Astra SPX 7
8-Dec 8-Dec KFXE, FXE KORF, ORF Learjet 55 7
17-Dec 18-Dec KOPF, OPF KDPA, DPA Citation II 7
17-Dec 24-Dec TNCM, SXM KGON, GON Challenger 600 9
18-Dec 19-Dec TBPB, BGI KBED, BED Gulfstream IV 13
2-Dec 2-Dec KTUL, TUL KTEB, TEB Falcon 2000 EX 10
9-Dec 12-Dec KFXE, FXE KBNA, BNA Beechjet 400 A 7
19-Dec 19-Dec KEGE, EGE KHPN, HPN Falcon 50 9
7-Dec 7-Dec KFNL, FNL KTEB, TEB Gulfstream G400 13
19-Dec 19-Dec KMIA, MIA KACT, ACT Learjet 40 6
12-Dec 12-Dec KOPF, OPF KHOU, HOU Citation X 8
6-Dec 6-Dec KGRB, GRB KISP, ISP Legacy 600 13

 East To West

Start End From To Type PAX
5-Dec 5-Dec KTEB, TEB KSJC, SJC Citation Sovereign 8
5-Dec 5-Dec KJAX, JAX KSBA, SBA Gulfstream G450 14

 West To East

Start End From To Type PAX
4-Dec 7-Dec KVNY, VNY KTEB, TEB Gulfstream G200 9
4-Dec 4-Dec KVNY, VNY KTEB, TEB Gulfstream G200 9
1-Dec 1-Dec KVNY, VNY KTEB, TEB Gulfstream G200 9
15-Dec 15-Dec KVNY, VNY KTEB, TEB Embraer 135 Business Jet 13
18-Dec 18-Dec KVNY, VNY KISP, ISP Hawker 800 XP 8
18-Dec 19-Dec KVNY, VNY EGLF, FAB Gulfstream V 14
10-Dec 10-Dec KSBA, SBA KJAX, JAX Gulfstream G450 14
8-Dec 8-Dec KSBP, SBP KCHA, CHA Citation XLS 9
15-Dec 15-Dec KSNA, SNA KJVY, JVY Citation X 8
19-Dec 19-Dec KEGE, EGE KHPN, HPN Falcon 50 9
18-Dec 18-Dec KSDL, SCF KCMH, CMH Falcon 20 8
5-Dec 5-Dec KONT, ONT KTCL, TCL Falcon 50 9
11-Dec 11-Dec KBFI, BFI KDAL, DAL Falcon 900 EX 12
8-Dec 8-Dec KADS, ADS TIST, STT Challenger 601-3A 9

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