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Custom-Tailored Jet Membership



Choose your Jet


Challenger 604/605

  • Up to 10 passengers
  • Range: 4,017nm
  • Cruise speed: 529mph

Gulfstream IV

  • Up to 12 passengers
  • Range: 3,824nm
  • Cruise speed: 529mph

Gulfstream 450

  • Up to 12 passengers
  • Range: 4,341nm
  • Cruise speed: 528mph

Citation X/Sovereign

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • Range: 3,125nm
  • Cruise speed: 604mph

Challenger 300

  • Up to 9 passengers
  • Range: 3,276nm
  • Cruise speed: 528mph

Learjet 60

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Range: 2,310nm
  • Cruise speed: 484mph

Hawker 800

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • Range: 2,502nm
  • Cruise speed: 484mph

Hawker 800XP

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • Range: 2,540nm
  • Cruise speed: 463mph

Light Jet

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • 1999 and older
  • Cruise speed: 510mph

Hawker 400XP

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Range: 1,180nm
  • Cruise speed: 510mph

Choose your Hours



50 hrs

75 hrs

100 hrs

200+ hrs

Build-a-Card Customization
No-Cost Sliding Departure  
No Per-Leg Minimums    
5% Credit for Legs Over 4.5 hrs      

Choose your Perk


Fuel Surcharge Discount

Take advantage of a 25% fuel surcharge discount for 12 months on this card and save big!

50% Peak Surcharge Discount

The perfect solution for the leisure traveler who flies during holidays and peak times.

1.5 Hour Minimums

Have more short flights? Lower your daily flight minimum while still taking advantage of the industry's most competitive rates!

18 Month Term

Don't fly as often? Take advantage of an 18 month term and increase your flexibility!

Choose your Add-on


Complimentary Catering

Choose delicious options from our Member Menu for each and every flight with no additional costs!

Complimentary Ground Transportation

Need a lift? We'll pick up the bill.

Free Aircraft Upgrades

Sometimes you just want an upgrade. Choose two flights to move up a size-category for free!

No Interchange Fees

Why pay more for flexibility? Upgrade or downgrade at an even rate whenver you need to.

How can we reach you?


Simply fill out the information here and one of our Jet Card Consultants will contact you shortly to discuss your new card!

Thank you!


Thanks for submitting your request. One of our Jet Card Consultants will be in touch soon to go over the details and review pricing. Please review the information below to ensure it's correct. If anything is incorrect, please give us a call at 800-550-JETS

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Change never felt more empowering. 

be bold

Benefits of ownership on YOUR terms. 

be decisive

Build a perfect jet experience. This is YOUR time, well-spent.  


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