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Aviation Library

All of Magellan Jets informative white papers in one place!

Interested in learning more about the Aviation Industry? We have been hard at work researching, collecting & publishing informative white papers from some of the top leading  aviation companies in the industry to ensure you have a one-stop-shop for all your questions! Don't just take our word for it, download our FREE white papers and see for yourself!


How To Buy Jet Perspective Cover









How to Buy a Jet
by Jet Advisors

Buying a Jet can be a rewarding a experience! However, the jet buying process is complex, and full of potential pitfalls. We are here to guide you around the pitfalls, and get you the aircraft solution that best meets your needs - even if that means advising you to go with charter or fractional ownership instead of buying a whole aircraft. We are aircraft owner advocates -and that includes owners-to-be and first-time buyers. 

Jet Card Comparison: Pricing & Benefits Guide

Investigating the web for the best program provider? You want to do your homework before chosing the right jet card provider for you, but it is information overload! That is why we have complied a side by side comparison guide for you to examine the top 5 Jet Card providers in the industry. See which offers the best overall value and benefits that fit your particular needs.  

Jet Card Comparison Guide 

Chartering An Aircraft









Chartering an Aircraft
by Bryan Burns, Air Charter Safety Foundation

Charter is probably one of the best-kept travel secrets around. Each year, thousands of people all over the United States discover the benefits of air charter. And every day, more travelers are discovering just how smart charter can be. Charter is about saving you time and, often, money on your business trips. 

Holiday Travel: 3 Essential Tips for Private Jet Travel
Jet setters all over the country will be traveling to the most popular Jet Set destinations including, Aspen, Wyoming, Salt Lake City, Cabo, St. Martin, St. Barths etc. during the holidays. Here are 3 Essential Tips that will help you beat the headaches, and ensure the best rates, safety standards and ease of booking your Holiday Travel.

3 Essential Tips









Researching Jet Cards









Researching Jet Cards: 7 Essential Questions to Ask
by David Wyndham, Conklin & de Decker

There are several leading companies that offer jet card programs, But don't let your search for a Jet Card be a tedious & frustrating exercise. David Wyndham, President of Conklin & de Decker, has combined the 7 most essential questions everyone should ask when researching jet cards. This whitepaper will be your #1 resource when finding the program that fits YOUR needs!


Empty Legs: Risk vs Reward
The risks involved when booking an empty leg flight segment have varied throughout the years of private aviation. While scheduling an empty leg flight segment can be highly cost-effective, and sometimes as seamless as a traditional charter, it can also come with tremendous headaches and last-minute changes to your scheduled flight. 

Empty Leg Flying


De-Mystifying Charter Quotes


De-Mystifying Charter Quotes
With the right knowledge and understanding, it is not difficult to distinguish whether you are working with a top-notch aviation company, or a group of salespeople with absolutely no aviation knowledge. Inside this free white paper we will help you distinguish between the two by asking these 9 important questions!


The Value of Supplemental Lift
Supplemental lift is a vital need whether you own an aircraft, have a fraction, or an existing jet membership. Using it wisely can mean the difference of thousands of dollars saved in maintinence, over-use surcharges, deadhead costs and interchange penalties. This informative whitepaper, written by Conklin & de Decker David Wyndam, explains more and gives you insight on what questions to ask to ensure you are choosing wisely.



Supplemental Lift


Emulating Jet Ownership









Emulating Jet Ownership

Those accustomed to private jet travel are looking for more ways to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of owning a specific plane. For executives who travel but do not own a plane, that may mean finding a way to emulate ownership for their personal trips. For those who do own a plane or participate in fractional programs, that could include ensuring they have access to the same style of aircraft when theirs is unavailable.